The Thomas Hobbes Commemorative map of Malmesbury c.1600.

Researched and Created by Susan Rollings.

This unique, commemorative map celebrates one of England’s most important Philosophers, Thomas Hobbes, who was born in 1588 on the small, hill top town of Malmesbury in Wiltshire, England.

Although Thomas Hobbes only lived in Malmesbury for the first 14 years of his life, his challenging childhood, loyalty to Malmesbury and important pivotal education, helped inform and shape his contribution to one of the greatest political debates of our history. His book, “The Leviathan”, championed the way towards England’s current formal Government structure and secured his reputation as “Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury.” His portrait is still revered within The Royal Society of London and The National Gallery London.

Malmesbury has changed very little over time, with its picture postcard stone cottages winding slowly up towards the grand Malmesbury Abbey; overseeing a town that holds the final resting place of the very first King of England, King Athelstan.

Susan Rollings was inspired by this beautiful town of Malmesbury and the history of Thomas Hobbes’ resilient childhood. She created a new “Birds eye view” map of the town c1600  to celebrate the birthplace of Thomas Hobbes and create a town tour map, for visitors to imagine just what Malmesbury may have looked like during Thomas Hobbes’ childhood in the 1600’s.

The map and a visitors guide, can be seen at The Athelstan Museum, Malmesbury, with the original community painting hosted by “Michael’s Deli” in Westport; the site of Thomas Hobbes’ important education and close to Thomas Hobbes’s original birthplace.

Some Limited Edition prints are still available and can be purchased though the Museum.

The Athelstan Museum, Malmesbury
Thomas Hobbes Map facebook page