New Shoes Red Shoes Childs Play Books 2020 written by Susan Rollings illustrated by Becky Baur
Best Friends Busy Friends Childs Play Books written by Susan Rollings illustrated by Nicola Cowdery

Teaching & working with young children in Early Years Learning and Mental Health

Thomas Hobbes, A Commemorative Map of Malmesbury c1600

New Shoes Red Shoes  Orchard Books 2000
Best Friends Special Friends  Orchard Books 2000
written and illustrated by Susan Rollings

Illustrations by Susan Rollings

Whizz Bang Orang-Utan, Rhymes for the very young compiled by John Foster. Oxford University Press
The Orchard Book of Favourite Stories and Poems by Margaret Mayo
Wiggle Waggle Fun by Margaret Mayo
Plum Pudding by Margaret Mayo
The Orchard Book of favourite Rhymes and Verse by Margaret Mayo
Hoddley Poddley, Favourite Rhymes and verse, chosen by Margaret Mayo