"A healthy brain is built on Love, Nurture and Creative play..."

Dr Margot Sunderland, “What every Parent needs to know”   Director of Education and Training at the Centre for Child Mental Health, London.

However, Creative play can be one of the most misunderstood of these key elements.

Why is this so important?

Neuroscience evidence now shows that our Adult Mental Health is linked directly to our developing toddler brain, with further layers of Brain development building on top; hence the term: "Brain Architecture". Learn more HERE

This is the Brain's fastest period of learning; whilst not only learning how to talk and listen to words, but really importantly at this time: HOW TO LEARN.

Susan Rollings reveals how to use the amazing Neuroscience evidence, to safely support your child's early years brain development and positive mental health using the arts.  She has been using these methods in her own Professional Early Years Teaching and positive Menatl health support work, for nearly twenty years.

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Jennie Lindon
Chartered Psychologist & Early years Consultant

A skilled five year old, grows from
A busy four year old,
A curious three year old
A cuddled two year old,
An adventurous one year old
And a communicative baby.


Building Brain Connections - Early Years- The evidence.

Harvard University podcasts  provide us with great videos to help us understand our child's brain development. Here is an example  to start you off!

How to : The 5 steps for Brain Building - "Serve and Return.".
The Developing Child Harvard University